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Memory Card Camera Recorder


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AVC-ULTRA* and Network Operation** Supported. Camera Adaptor Function Built-In.
Shoulder-Type Camera Recorder Provides Easy, 
Cost Efficient Broadcast Quality and Functions.

The shoulder-type AJ-PX380G Camera Recorder raises broadcast picture quality and compact, lightweight mobility while adding functions that enhance network-based workflows and enabling simple, excellent cost performance operation. Its 1/3-type 2.2-megapixel 3MOS sensors achieve high sensitivity, high S/N, and a wide dynamic range. AVC-ULTRA* codecs let you select the most suitable bit rate for your purpose, from high-quality 1080/60p (50p) 4:2:2 10 bit recording to low-rate streaming and FTP transmission, for broadcast-level image acquisition. Network functions support wired LAN, wireless LAN, and 4G/LTE connectivity. A built-in Camera Adaptor function allows simple base station connection with two BNC cables for SDI input. All of this allows the AJ-PX380G to provide simple and cost efficient solution to a wide range of applications, from news gathering to relay, live streaming and studio camera operation.

  1. *: AVC-ULTRA is the name of Panasonic’s professional video codec family. The AJ-PX380G does not support all of the formats included in the AVC-ULTRA family.
  2. **: For details, refer to "Notes Regarding Network Functions".
  3. The use of DCF Technologies is under license from Multi-Format, Inc.

Network Functions** to Expedite News Gathering and Image Acquisition Workflows

  • Clips are automatically uploaded to an FTP server while recording (Rec during Uploading).
  • Stable Full-HD images are on-air streamed by a special mode (QoS mode).
  • Recorded clips can be previewed and metadata can be checked and edited on a smartphone, tablet, or PC/Mac.
  • P2 ROP APP for iPad enables an advanced wireless camera remote function.
  • · The P2 Cast cloud service*1 is provided by Panasonic for broadcast and production use.
  1. **: For details, refer to "Notes Regarding Network Functions".
  2. *1: Not available in some areas.

Direct Linking for Simpler Studio Camera Workflows

  • The built-in CA (Camera Adaptor) function eliminates the need for a Camera Adaptor and VF Interface Box. The return signal can be monitored without VF Interface Box.
  • Two BNC cables enable SDI (video/audio) input of REMOTE, INTERCOM, RETURN, GENLOCK, and TALLY communication.
  • Maximum extension of 100m (328feet). (via 5C-FW BNC cable)

  • Also supports conventional systems using the AG-CA300G Camera Adaptor. DC Power can be supplied from the transmission cable.
  1. **: For details, refer to "Notes Regarding Network Functions".

Linking with LiveU or TVU bonding services offers
faster and more stable live streaming and FTP transfers.

IP connection (wired or wireless) with LiveU or TVU Networks devices enables parallel use (bonding) of multiple cell phone lines. Live streaming with the QoS mode gets a higher bit rate and more stable quality. And FTP transfers using a Rec During Uploading function gets also faster transfer speed and better stability to achieve a faster overall workflow. In addition, the status of the LiveU or TVU device is displayed in the camera"s viewfinder to allow easy confirmation of the network connection conditions.
Combined with Panasonic"s P2 Streaming Server (P2SS) and P2Cast, this produces a comprehensive solution for a variety of broadcast needs.

P2 Live Streaming/P2Cast Cloud Workflow with Bonding Devices

Viewfinder Displays of the Connection Conditions (marked in red)
* An example of AJ-PX5000G.

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