Gá lắp pin loại IDX P-VS V-mount mounting Plates

Gá lắp pin loại IDX P-VS V-mount mounting Plates

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The P-VS is a battery mounting plate adaptor for the IDX Endura system batteries.

The P-VS easily converts any professional camera to a V-Mount. A two-Pin D-Tap DC-out connector and IDXs" exclusive SYNCRON system are built-in.

Thông tin chi tiết

This plate is used to mount the ENDURA E-10/E-10S/E-7/E-7S/E-80/E-80S/E-50/E-50S V-Mount batteries on cameras who currently support mounting systems other than V-Mount. The IDX P-V/P-VS V-Mount plate can be fitted to cameras of any manufacturer, using different battery mounting systems. In addition, the IDX V-Mount plate features a D-Tap 2 Pin DC out connector for powering on board lights and Digi-View, which shows the battery capacity in the viewfinder. There are two versions of the V-Mount Plate, one with SYNCRON* (P-VS) and one without (P-V).

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